Healing for Lips and Liners


Specifics for eyeliners:

Keep the area dry. You may apply a very thin layer of Aquaphor after 2-3 days. Avoid getting Aquaphor in the eyes. Do not use mascara, eye shadows or eye liners for the first 10 days post-treatment. Your eyelid will be puffy and swollen for the first few days. To help reduce swelling, you may ice the eyelids several times daily (approx. 10 minutes at a time) over the first 3 days to minimize swelling. It is recommended to protect the eye with a layer of plastic wrap when icing in order to help keep the area clean. 

Specifics for lips:

If you have EVER had cold sores/fever blisters/herpes on or around your lips, you MUST obtain a prescription for Valtrex (Valacyclovir)/Zovirax from your doctor. Start your prescription 3 days before your treatment day and 4 days after, or as prescribed by your doctor. Failure to take an antiviral medication will result in a cold sore outbreak, which will compromise the results of your lip procedure. 

The lips will look very intense in colour and may become swollen post-treatment. This may last 2-3 days depending on the individual. Usually the scab will peel off after about 3-5 days. Avoid peeling the skin as they heal. Your lips can look extremely chapped. Apply Aquaphor as often as you feel you need to with a clean Q-Tip. Once the peeling completes, the colour may look quite pale, only the lip line may show a light colour. Be patient until the skin matures, which will take at least one month, after which the colour will begin to "bloom", and you will see a more natural-looking result. 

Avoid eating spicy or salty food while your lip tattoo is still healing. Use a straw to drink for the first few days.