"I love love love my brows... 3 people have asked me if I had a facelift... You are a magician! I love them, it's like a new day!!"  -  Shaune W.

"I love my brows! I love the colour. I am so satisfied, Christine, thanks again."  -  Christine S.

"My threading lady was so impressed. People don't know what I've had done, because it's so natural. It looks like I grew hair. I wish I'd done it years ago, but then I wouldn't have had you! I feel 'finished'. I feel 'done'. It's wonderful. I just get up and go."  -  Mary S.

"I am loving my brows. The colour is awesome and they're looking great. They have a soft powder look and I am very happy."  -  Shannon W.

"I love my brows!!"  -  Beverly M.

"I love my brows and get lots of compliments!"  -  Shoana H. 

"Christine's precision, artistry and mastery at brows is amazing! I love her positive energy and wealth of knowledge. I wanted natural looking brows and she translated that beautifully. So happy with her workmanship!"    - Bernice J. 

"As a 65+ senior I spent years over plucking my brows. I stopped using pencil except when going out, unless I had a huge magnifying mirror I couldn't see what I was doing anyway. After this amazing procedure I now put on a bit of liner and blush and know I look better than before. Eyeliner is next, once I figure out what I want!"  -  Adrienne P.

"Christine, I cannot thank you enough for the excellent work you've done microblading my eyebrows, I love them! I was a little nervous but knew that if ever I would have this done there was no one I would trust more than you to do it. I am so glad I went for it! You thoroughly explained the process and made sure I was comfortable at every step. Doing a meticulous job was as important to you as it was to me. I now have eyebrows that are even, natural looking and the perfect shape for me. I can go swimming and not worry about my half penciled brows coming off! It's made a big difference and I'm truly grateful."  -  Melissa A.

"Thank-you. You are very skilled and I really like how caring you are and how informative you are.  I love your services and your work ethics. I called D. this afternoon to tell her how happy I am and how grateful I am that she referred me to you. My brows healed great!  There wasn't even noticeable scabbing while healing and the darker colour when first done graduated into the perfect colour I was hoping for. They look so natural, they both still look the same with no fading and I can't begin to tell you how much I am enjoying the freedom of not having to try and pencil them every morning. The people I haven't seen for some time say I Iook great. I look younger. I love you, I love you, I loooove you!!!  I love the skill you have and am so grateful for your expertise in this profession."               -  Susan D.K. 

"Getting my brows done by Christine was one of my best life decisions to date! She was attentive, professional, and respected by opinion about how my brows should look. I don't even like other people doing my makeup but I trusted her wholeheartedly. She did flawless blonde brows to match my coloring that have improved my quality of life...seriously! Getting ready in the morning is so easy now, and days when I don't wear makeup I still feel glamorous and pretty. I am so grateful. If you're looking for someone do be absolutely meticulous in how they do your brows - she's your gal!!!!"  -  Gillian Y.

"When I heard Christine was doing microblading I knew I absolutely had to get mine done by her. She is an incredible makeup artist (and a pretty fabulous person in general ) so I was 100% confident that she would do a great job. And she did. At first I wanted to be lazy and not have to pencil my brows every day but after she was done with them, I noticed an improvement to my whole eye area. They are now symmetrical and the area looks somehow "lifted". All of this and they look super natural. She is a genius I tell you!! Thank you Christine! I will be highly recommending you to friends and family."  -  Meghan H. 

"...an amazing experience with cosmetic tattooing (aka microblading) my eye brows. She is a rare talent and a natural born artist. Christine is as much of an artist as she is technical- hard working, ever constantly evolving in the aesthetic/cosmetic industry, she has found yet another niche- COSMETIC TATTOOING, GIRLS! It will change your life! Those beautiful brows she used to draw in for me are now there to stay! I wake up every morning so happy to finally have gorgeous brows that look so natural with depth and perfect shape. Tiny feathered hair strokes tattooed blending with my own created defined shape and framing. Lyly.ink is her baby and she has such passion and care dedicated to her art and clients. Her knowledge and care leaves you feeling at complete ease during your treatment and her feedback has been amazing! Thank you Christine for turning my "ugly duckling brows" into beautiful swans!"  -  Stephanie H.