Pricing and Booking Policies

Pricing is as follows: 

Complimentary 30-minute consultations are available and are recommended for people not familiar with the procedures. We can discuss your expectations and review pre- and post-care together. 

Please note: Pricing is subject to change and the prices listed do not include applicable taxes. 

  • Eyebrows (Microblading/feathering) micropigmentation (includes one complementary touch-up) - $600

  • Eyebrows - (Machine full shading/powder brows) micropigmentation - $600

  • Eyebrow refresh less than one year from date of primary treatment - $200

  • Eyebrow refresh greater than one year from date of primary or last paid refresher treatment - $300

  • Eyebrow refresh greater than two years from date of primary or last paid refresher treatment - $400

  • Eyebrow refresh greater than three years after primary or last paid refresher treatment - Full Price ($600)

  • Eyeliner - Top "lash enhancement" or Eyeliner (not currently available) - $600

  • Lip colour enhancement (not currently available) - $600

Brow procedures come with one complimentary touch-up done within no less than 5 weeks post-treatment, and no more than 10 weeks after your initial treatment. Touch-ups only apply to initial treatments done by and not by other practitioners. 

A deposit of $150 will be required for any procedure. Deposits are non-refundable if appointments are no-shows and not rebooked, or cancellation with less than 48 hours' notice at’s discretion. 

Bookings for corrections or revisions of other artists' work must first be discussed over email and photos must be sent in order to assess your candidacy for revision or correction. 

Please note that there are no guarantees of the success of cosmetic tattooing in general, and microblading in particular. Some people do not respond well to microblading and may achieve a softer look than they are expecting. Additional touchups will have a charge applied.